Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our beautiful peanute

Well here is our little peanute. We are already so in love with her or him. Yes, there is only 1 baby. It was a very emotional and exciting day. We got to hear the heart beat and it was the most beautiful sound I think I have ever heard next to Owens of course. i am 7 weeks and 1 day. My due date is April 26th. Thank you to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. It has truly meant to the world to Chris and I. The 9 months is not over yet so please keep sending the prayers.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The newest addition to our family "cowgirl"

Well Chris and I have a soft heart when it comes to Owen and he has been wanting a puppy for a very long time. Chris and & I decided that Owen had proven to us that he was responsible enough to take care of a puppy by the way that he takes care of our older beagle. Just so happened one day after Owen's rodeo they were giving away free puppys at walmart and my heart melted when i saw her.
Owen was asleep when we got her so when we got to where we were going we set her in his lap and that is what he woke up to. He was really excited, took him a little while to wake up and realize what was going on.

She is so fun and of course owen picked her name. Cowgirl

Spring Break

We spent most of our spring break at the lake with family. Swimming,fishing, and lots of food and fun. This first picture was so funny because Owen and his cousin Gage kept catching big bass with their spiderman fishing poles so chris and keving decided maybe they should try fishing with their poles (after owen and gage both fell asleep)

Owen's 2nd fish

Owen caught a really big bass

Love these picures. He loves that cowboy hat

The Defenders

Owen started T-ball this last week and we really really like his new team and coach's. it is a whole lot more structured. Owen is really liking it to so that is what matters.

Play day #3

Owens last play day we let him ride by himself for the first time. Chris and I both were a nervouse wreck. He did awesome though. Sammi the horse had a different oppinion that day though he didnt want to work that day, but owen did so good chris and i are really proud of him.

Owen and his best bud tannon

Just some random ones

Owen loves to help Chris in the garden, this first pictures says it all. Owen was trying to wait as patiently as he could for daddy to come out and do the garden.

This is a picture that i love that was taken on mine and owen's birthday with miss cutie Ellie.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Owen's first playday

Owens first play day. for those of you who dont know what that is it is a rodeo put on by a cowboy church for kids 18 and under. it is a lot of good fun for the kids. Tannon owens best friend has been doing them and Owen has really been wanting to do it with him. Go figure that on his first on Chris had to go to work and I got the stomach flu a few days after i just got over the stinkin flu. ugggg. so i missed it but Brandi and Coy Tannons parents took Owen and took lots of pictures for us.

Owen got 3rd place in dummy roping against a lot of kids we were so proud of him. thats a big rope to swing for such a little boy. They dont keep time on any of the other events. The kids 6 and under after they do 3 play days they get a belt buckel.

I came that night to pick him up.

Best Friends

We had our best friends kids all night Friday night until Saturday afternoon. Tannon and Owen are best friends and are always together andLayken their daughter could be like our 2nd child. We love having them.

The boys have fun

Fun at Chuck-E-Cheese


Waiting for Daddy to get home from Houston
to give him his Valentines Day presents.
"Close your eyes Daddy"

Owen with mommy's flowers

Family Fun

This is our new family fun together. We have really gotten into trail riding. We love it. Owen especially.